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Ok. So I'm goin to admit that I will be a bit harder on our government websites since I feel they represent the country as a whole. The Bahamas Education website is not bad in terms of content. They have alot of information on there yet, I still feel like there is so much content that they have or need to get on there pretty soon. The content is not as up to date as it should be. Is this not a job that we can provide to someone in the office? Of all the content daily published, a potential foreigner possibly looking to move to the Bahamas has no up to date information on the Education system in the Bahamas. One very simple but important thing I felt was missing, is a list of all the schools in the Bahamas education system. Its not very clear to me, who this websites target market is.

Information on the website:

I can start at the basic, non changed dynamic menu that is used on the website. From a developer's standpoint, this website looks like it was thrown together in a week and consist of all html pages. No database involved. No content management system involved. Which to me means that updating must take forever to do, which explains why there are not many recent updates.

Also as a developer, I hate that the entire left navigation opens a file that must be downloaded to my computer for me to view. From an SEO standpoint, those files are uncrawlable and really serve no purpose except for driving users away from that menu. Note: People are not as likely to download files now a days, and even if they would, it's better to put the content on a page which can then be crawled by search engines and help your SEO rank.

If I actually dig into the code a bit, I can even see that they are not using Google Analytics for stats tracking. Of course not everyone has to use it but the one the're using is a MySpace stat counter, which I guarantee you, will not give you the same information as another service such as Google Analytics. Get signed up. It's free.

Graphic Layout/Design:

I can start with the header banner that really needs to be updated. However, in all of the complaints I have about the website, the #1 response would probably be "We don't have the time or the money to make the changes". If the government doesn't have the resources to invest in their own technology, what message is that sending to the rest of the people?

In terms of graphics, the site uses minimal for it's layout. There is simply a  header and a background, and almost all websites that are Bahamas related, that don't spend a lot of thought on their design, always decides to use something blue to represent the sea. I won't complain about that cause blue is my favorite color. But overall, the website could use some work. Go to to search for available graphic artists and web developers and get some help with the website. Don't out source it to a foreign company and take away one of the jobs that can help our own community. If you want information now, go to and your information to receive a quote on your project.

Site Performance:

Not much content. Website speed is fine. No heavy graphics so no need to worry about those.

Search Engine Presence:

Bahamas Education is a pretty strong keyword especially when it's your domain name as well, however, two other websites aer able to top out this website for the keyword search in Google. That all has to do with some of the things I mentioned earlier about not having the content open in a new page. Those things help or hurt you.

They do have about 900 pages indexed in Google so that is a good thing. Backlinks are also important which they have a few of but being such the force it is, they could get much more.

Social Networking Presence:

They do have a Facebook page which is viewable only by members of Facebook. So this tells me that they have been doing some kind of recent work on getting more exposure for the website. If they keep focusing more on that and make some changes, along with a well done and much needed facelift, this website has potential to be very helpful to others.


Ok. Well I feel happy that they have a presence on the web, but dissatisfied with the lack of effort that has been put into the website. I feel that there is so much more work that can be done. There are tons of people looking for jobs that are capable of doing the work. So I feel there's no excuse it shouldn't be done. This website needs a total facelift as well as much attention put on the content management and updating of the website.

Overall Score: 3.0/10

Up To Date: 
Loading Speed: 
Needs Some Work
Date Reviewed: 
March 31st 2011